Concert Venue

Bullseye Event Center, is an active members of IIVA (Indiana Independent Venue Alliance)


LED columns, laser and light show at BEC


Grammy Award winner Roddy Ricch performing at BEC


EDM concert featuring 110″ lcd screens on stage.


Grammy winning country artist Big & Rich at BEC.


Concert on stage at Bullseye Event Center


Crowd at the Roddy Ricch concert at BEC


Laser and light show during an EDM concert at BEC.


John Rich, from Big & Rich, performing at Bullseye Event Center


LCD screens, lights and lasers at BEC concert.


View from the crowd at BEC concert.


Fully programmable LED columns on display during concert at BEC.


DJ Gabby Love on stage at Bullseye Event Center.


Cofresi on stage at the Bullseye Event Center.

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The power of music is an incredibly important and unique tool that aids the human experience.

When added to a social gathering where people from all walks of life have come to celebrate this art together, it becomes a force unparalleled to anything else.

The ambiance of a proper concert sparks a light inside anyone attending. The electric energy pulsating through the crowd is an addicting rush that unites every single concertgoer in perfect harmony.

A proper concert experience will consist of meeting people you never normally would, listening to the sweet melodies of music you’ve never heard before and making golden memories you can keep with you for the rest of your life.

Big & Rich performing at BEC
Grammy Winning Roddy Ricch


Bullseye Event Center has hosted the biggest names in the Music Industry for sold out concerts. 

Live performances from Country music sensations Big & Rich, Rap mega star Roddy Rich and many EDM concerts. Our venue has no boundaries or walls when it comes to the genre of music.


State-of-the-art audio equipment and 3 High-Definition LED Video walls bring technology to our concerts not often seen.

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